"When you are imprisoned, you become disconnected.  Of course you experience feelings of impotence, sadness, melancholy and you have to make a decision do I continue with the negative feelings or do I decide that even in prison I will continue with my human rights work that I was doing outside when I was free.  And I went for the latter to continue my human rights work." David Ravelo

David Ravelo is a human rights defender that was criminalised and imprisoned because of their human rights activities. He was exonerated of all charges and freed from prison after 10 years. Today he continue fighting for human rights. After release from prison he was asked to stand again for the council.  As a result of a death threat he went into hiding.  In spite of this 2000 people voted for him. 

"We have been marked by tragic times.  The history of Barrancabermeja and the history of those of us who have resisted here … and we have survived, it’s been a tragic history.  I’ve had it very hard.  But we are still strong.  As the song says, we are still singing, we are still resisting." David Ravelo
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