"I lost so many friends to extrajudicial killings. Most of them were innocent, and for those who were not you just need to let the courts do their work." Faith Kasina
Faith Kasina is a co-ordinator of the Kayole Social Justice Centre in Nairobi, Kenya. For years, the urban settlement of Mathare has suffered various forms of structural violence, including: land grabbing, forced evictions, police abuse and extrajudicial killings, political impunity and other economic, social and psychological violations. This violence has been allowed to go on without any retribution to the community, especially as most of the community continues to live in fear of the consequences of standing up for their rights.

The centres aim to promote social justice in the informal settlements through community engagement and the use of social movement platforms. Since 2015, the movement has undertaken a number of organizing activities across all sections of the community and have focused on the documentation of extra-judicial killings.
"I realised that lamenting at home wasn't enough; we needed to get organised and do something about it." Faith Kasina
"They treat us like if you are born in a ghetto you are a criminal by default. If we decriminalised poverty and youth, the extrajudicial killings would come to an end." Faith Kasina
"We need to start showing the positive side of young people who are doing great things in the communities and bringing about change." Faith Kasina
"Women responde faster than men in our community. If it's not your son, would be your neighbour son, your best friend son" Faith Kasina
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