Felippa Berajano is an environmental activist from the community of El Listón, Santa Barbara, the region of Honduras with the most hydroelectric and mining concessions. 

Honduras is resource-rich and contains abundant supplies of iron, timber, gold, silver, and hydropower. Over the last few years the government has been pursuing a model of development based on the sale of land to foreign entities for extractive, hydroelectric and agribusiness projects.

In 2013, work began to build hydroelectric dams in the area. Use of explosives has created major environmental problems, polluting local water supplies and killing thousands of fish and other animals. The project has resulted in the privatisation of the water supply of over 15 different communities. Felippa works in ASODEBICOQ, an organisation that helps communities to self-organise and know their rights in the context of exploitative development. 
"They say we are mad. We are not mad. We are defenders" Felippa Berajano 
Felippa Berajano is part of the Documentary 'In Defence of Our Lands' about land and environmental rights campaigners in Latin America.
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