Mayela Hernandez is the legal support coordinator of the migrant shelter, Casa del Migrante de Saltillo (Mexico). Since 2002, the Casa has been fighting for the human rights of migrants transiting through Mexico. The humanitarian support that the Casa provides to migrants includes medical and psychological care for those who need it, as well as legal assistance with the migratory process and deportation cases.

As a result, the Casa del Migrante de Saltillo has received extensive recognition for its work, having been awarded the Lettelier-Moffitt Human Rights Award by the Institute for Policy Studies
"What I have observed among migrant women is maximum expression of sisterhood." Mayela Hernandez
"Even though they have to leave their families behind at first, they find a thousand ways to try and bring them across." Mayela Hernandez
"In spite of all the bad things that happen to them, they always find this way to smile and never give up." Mayela Hernandez
"I was also victim of a crime, and if I can do something so that they can obtain the justice that I didn’t have I’m going to do it." Mayela Hernandez
In this video about the role of the armed forces in border policing, Mayela Hernandez explains how the Mexican government denies their access to detention centres and how this could mean an increase on human rights violations. 
“There are people who have been at the migrant detention centres for months, when they shouldn't be held for more than 15 days.” Mayela Hernandez
In this video about the risk and attacks they face as migrant rights defenders, Mayela talks about her own experience. 
“It was the same motorcycle. If there hadn't been a gap allowing me to step backwards, it would have ran me over.” Mayela Hernandez
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