Melissa Ortiz Massó is the researcher and representative of The Business & Human Rights Resource Centre for Mexico, Caribe and central America area. 

The Business & Human Rights Resource Centre helps communities and NGOs get companies to address human rights concerns, and provide companies an opportunity to present their response in full. They take up alleged abuse quickly and directly with companies. We’ve made over 6,000 approaches to companies asking them to respond to specific human rights allegations. Our global response rate is 55-60%.

We systematically follow up on company responses, pursuing companies that fail to respond adequately to allegations of egregious abuse.
Advocates and communities thank us for eliciting responses from companies. Companies thank us for providing them the opportunity to present their responses in full.
"Why corporations and governments don't understand that that is their land" Melissa Ortiz 
Melissa Ortiz is part of the Documentary 'In Defence of Our Lands' about land and environmental rights campaigners in Latin America.
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