Marisol Cerecero co-ordinates the psycho-social support offered in La Casa del Migrante de Saltillo, which is one of a series of shelters that receive migrants in Mexico. It receives and supports an average of 80 migrants a day and provides them with medical and psychological care as well as legal assistance with the migratory process and deportation cases. In addition, they carry out the courageous task of denouncing and documenting violations of migrants’ human rights.
"It's lovely to see that whoever is a mother, is a mother of all the children at once." Marisol Cerecero
"They are examples of a life lived and they really inspire me." Marisol Cerecero
"It's inspiring that they don't give up, they don't lose this dream they have since they left their countries " Marisol Cerecero
"If it weren't for these spaces there wouldn't be another way to protect them. It helps them to recover their strength and to contact their families." Marisol Esperanza Cerecero
"If migration policy wasn't as it is, they would not be taking risks on trains and losing limbs or lives" Marisol Cerecero
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