SOLIDARITY with the stigmatised 
Honduras is one of the deadliest countries in the world to be an LGBTQI+ human rights defender. They face immense danger on a daily basis, yet remain committed to empowering, informing and challenging discrimination and stigmatisation in all forms.
JLO Cordova has dedicated her life to defending trans and LGBT+ rights in Honduras since her own transition began at the age of 15. Her story is the story of Arcoiris, a group of human rights defenders working in one of the most dangerous countries in the world to be an LGBT+ activist. They provide a safe space for activists, carry out research, and offer workshops.

"In this organisation, we are like psychologists. We are like friends. We are the support for each other. My character was very strong, because of the consequences of many things that I had suffered. I don’t want to be the same as them, I want to be a good person and help others like they helped me. I work here at the organisation for this reason. I listen to my trans women and I accompany them when the police attack them." JLO Córdova
Jose Figueroa talks about JLO's solidarity to other trans women and about being a member of Arcoiris LGBT+ organisation. 
"Populations aren't born vulnerable, they are made vulnerable because their rights are denied." Alberto Xicoténcat
Employment opportunities, economic necessity, insecurity and violence are the principal reasons why people decide to migrate. Of migrants that have been detained by Mexican authorities, 88.3% were sent back to their country of origin. La Casa del Migrante de Saltillo is one of a series of shelters that receive migrants in Mexico. It receives and supports an average of 80 migrants a day and provides them with medical and psychological care as well as legal assistance with the migratory process and deportation cases. In addition, they carry out the courageous task of denouncing and documenting violations of migrants’ human rights.
"If migration policy weren't as it is, they would not be taking risks on trains and losing limbs or lives." Marisol Cerecero
Alberto and Marisol on how the migrant population is made vulnerable 
"A migrant becomes an object of economic and physical benefit, and by not receiving justice the crimes continue being perpetuated over time." Alberto Xicoténcat
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